About the Journal

International Journal of Educational Qualitative Quantitative Research (IJE-QQR) is an  internationally recognized journal in the field of education and is published two times per year. ISSN (online): 2962-9918. The aim of this journal is to publish high quality studies in the areas of learning, teaching, curriculum development, learning environments, teacher education, educational technology, educational developments. Studies may relate to any age level - from infants to adults in particular qualitative and quantitative methods.

IJE-QQR, being an international journal, our editorial advisory board members are from various countries around the world. The articles sent to the Journal are always reviewed by two members of the Editorial Advisory Board (double blind peer review), and in some cases, if necessary, by another member of the Board. Depending on the evaluation reports of the members of the Editorial Advisory Board, articles are published or not. Article evaluation process takes approximately three months. The authors are responsible for the errors, if any, in their published articles. The articles need to be not published elsewhere previously.

PS: For more information contact: ije.qqr@gmail.com